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Tile editing is much like a painting program when using the following 4 controls.

Tile Palette

Select one tile, a group of tiles, or hold shift and select any Pattern of tiles. Adding new tilesets is simple with VSR just drag an drop any image you want to uses form one of the folders on your computer and drop it right into the VRS palette.


Layer Control

The system handles 1-10 layers. Each layer has its own events and collision. This allow for creation of bridges, shadows, and other neat effect.

Add Layer: Add a layer to the map.
Remove Layer: Remove the last layer from the map.

Mode Tools Control

Tile: Allows you to edit the tiles on the selected layer.
Collision: Allows you to edit the collision on the selected layer.
Item: Allows you to edit items on the board.
Actor: Allows actors (NPC) to be edited.
Event: Allow events to be edited.
Emitter: Allow particle emitters to be edited.
Path: Allow AI paths to be edited.


Tools Control

Brush: Paint tiles from the pallete.
Eraser: Remove tiles.
Bucket: Flood fill an area.
Eye Dropper: Select a tile from the map.
Pointer: Select objects and tiles for editing.
Snap: Snap the selected object(s) to the grid.


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