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Texture Layout Editor

Allows full control of animated Items, NPC, Spells, and the player. No animation software is required, everything you need to make animations is built into LastEnd Visual RPG Studio.

  • Animation speed control base on FPS
  • Supports any number of frames
  • Non-animated mode supported
  • Supports .bmp, .png, .jpg, .gif, and .dds files
  • Live layout preview
  • Simple point an click interface.

  • Animated Tiles

    Tile animation is built into the event system. Any tiles with a event over it with the animation enabled will animate. This method of tile animations allows for Unlimited frames in the animations. Timing for animations is also simple to setup. Just tell it how long you want it to wait before the next frame and your done.

    Animated Interface

    The picture object in VRS Visual Lua design allows for animated objects. Like many objects it uses the Texture Layout Editor dialog to allow you to setup animation your own custom animations.

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