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2.4.19 (1/8/2017)

- Fixed 3D number to string babel problem in 3D objects.
- Updated loading error handler.

2.4.14 (1/1/2017)

- Updated font handler (again).
- Updated render to 3d texture function.

2.4.13 (12/31/2016)

- Fixed 3D number to string babel problem.
- Updated font handler.

2.4.11 (12/30/2016)

* Fixed bug in update window that was not opening up the notes with the right window size.
* Fixed bug in project creation from templates that wasn't creating the player right.
* Updated splash screen.
* Fixed IO floating number bug that was crashing 3D maps after save.
* Updated error handler.

2.4.06 (12/23/2016)

* Fixed bug that was crashing the engine in the script editor.
* Updated language files too show language code as tool tips.
* Added language selection script option to the add script dialog.
* Fixed select highlight problem with combo box items hover.
* Added new script functions to the language class (GetDisplayName, and GetAllCodes).

2.4.04 (12/21/2016)

* Fixed bug that was crashing the engine when a new item was added.
* Added [Set as start script] menu option for scripts.
* Project tree view now show start script and start map by making them bold.

2.4.02 (12/9/2016)

* Added script function string.FirstToUpper.
* Added password property to UI textboxes.
* Updated close event to allow Lua functions.
* Fixed script error on Maze template.

2.3.37 (3/10/2016)

* Fixed engine STA error when pasting.

2.3.35 (3/1/2016)

* Updated error handler.

2.3.31 (2/25/2016)

* Fixed script commands UI.Dialog.GetLastKeyPressedName, and UI.Dialog.GetLastKeyPressedID.
* Updated error handler.

2.3.28 (2/21/2016)

* Fixed problem with dialog CanRender writing it self using the wrong command.

2.3.27 (2/16/2016)

* Updated core engines.
* Added build configuration button to the ribbon.
* Updated the build options window design.

2.3.26 (2/15/2016)

* Fixed bug in the SetTurbo function that was keeping the script system from accessing it.
* Updated music system error handler.
* Fixed bug in build system that was removing music from the build.
* Music.Stop() now stops the AutoPlay feature.
* Scripting Quick Commands have been updated.
* Fixed bug in actors speed boost property that wasn't saving the set value.

2.3.23 (2/8/2016)

* Added build setting 'Run as admin'.
* Updated the 2D game board grid.
* Updated the error handler.
* Fixed bugs that wouldn't let the program build or debug if it couldn't delete the old directory.
* Updated core engine.
* Change style of the editor group boxes to reflex Windows 10 style.
* Fixed bug in build that was file moving when it should of file copy the VRS.exe.config file.

2.2.37 (12/31/2015)

* Optimized engine and editor.
- Less memory usage.
- Smaller file size.
- Faster load time.

2.2.35 (12/23/2015)

* Fixed grammar on language dialog. "Uses to use"
* Updated core engine.

2.2.33 (12/21/2015)

* Fixed bug that was adding a weird symbol when pasting text into a textbox.
* Fixed problem with Xbox 360 controller crashing the engine when key was pressed.
* Added Actors.Pause function.

2.2.31 (12/7/2015)

* Updated core engine.
* Updated the editor to have faster loading time.

2.2.27 (11/29/2015)

* Added Cut, Copy, and paste to the language editor rows.
* Updated the language editor style to match the main ribbon.
* Fixed bug that wasn't resizing the ribbon and main editor area right when using the ribbon hide/show, and buttons bellow features.

2.2.24 (10/18/2015)

* Fixed bug in OnCycleFocus method.
* Added allow focus property to UI dialog object.
* Added maximize, restore, and minimize Scripting Window Class events.

2.2.23 (10/1/2015)

* Fixed bug in checkbox events function.
* Updated error feedback for external file types when double clicked.
* Improved error feedback for label functions.

2.2.22 (9/26/2015)

* Fixed bug in dialog mouse move event that would ignore top items.

[Objects 3D Scripted]

* Updated to show return types.
* Added the following functions (GetName,SetName,GetCollsion,SetCollision)
* Updated function SetTextureColorEmissive(int id, int mat, int color) to SetTextureColorEmissive(int id, int mat, Color color)

2.2.19 (9/17/2015)

[Scripting and Interface]
* VideoSettings now shows return types.
* Backpacks now shows return types.
* Spell books now shows return types.
* Equipment now shows return types.
* Added UI.SetModalDialog, and UI.ClearModalDialog functions.
* Fixed bug in the dialog mouse leave event.
* Fixed bug in button up event that would load the event after the mouse left the control area.
* Fixed problem that was keeping the mouse over style from setting.
* Added SetLocationX, SetLocationY functions to all controls.

[Script Editor]
* Fixed bug that wasn't allowing script to redo back to where it started.
* Updated video settings script template.

[Project Templates]
* Updated Full Interface
* Updated 2D Platform
* Updated Hunger Man
* Updated Maze
* Updated RPG Turn Based
* Updated RPG Real Time

2.2.11 (9/8/2015)

* Updated intellisense function tooltips too show functions that are longer then 99 in length.
* Fixed bug in undo that was allowing it to undo to the last open script file.

2.2.09 (9/7/2015)

Updated the following project templates.
* Full Interface
* 2D Platform
* Both RPG

* Added the following colors to the color class. (AliceBlue, Yellow, Gold, Pink)


* Fixed bug in dragging that would release the dialog if the mouse was moved up real fast.

* Changed UI.Picture.SetColor(int dialogID, int id, int color) to UI.Picture.SetColor(int dialogID, int id, Color color)
* Changed int UI.Picture.GetColor(int dialogID, int id) to Color UI.Picture.GetColor(int dialogID, int id)

* Changed UI.Label.SetFontColor(int dialogID, int id, int color) to UI.Label.SetFontColor(int dialogID, int id, Color color)
* Added GetFontColor function.

List Box
* Fixed bug in alignment property.

Combo Box
* Fixed bug in alignment property.

2.2.07 (9/6/2015)

* Updated intellisense to be more responsive.
* Updated object naming to increase the item number right.
* Fixed random lockup problem on start.


* Updated the visual font settings controller and properties.
* Updated visual editor to not let controls be under sized.
* Updated change event so it doesn't load the event in visual mode.

* Now works with the Event Keyboard Key Property.

* Added drop height property.
* Added scrollbar width property.
* Now works with the Event Keyboard Key Property.

* Added scrollbar width property.
* Now works with the Event Mouse Button Property.
* Added Border size property.

Radio Buttons
* Now works with the Event Mouse Button, and Event Keyboard Key Property.

* Added Border size property.
* Added enter event.

2.2.02 (9/1/2015)

* Updated interface to auto focuses if focus isn't set by the script.
* Fixed bug in the visual script maker that was writing button events as labels.
* Added button keyboard action key property.
* Updated Full interface project template.

2.2 (8/31/2015)

* Fixed lockup problem is loading thread.
* Fixed problem keeping the map tree view context menu from opening.

Interface dialog object

* Added new properties: Send To Front, Key Up, Key Down, Key Press, Mouse Wheel.
* Added Events: Key Up, Key Down, Key Press, Mouse Wheel.
* Functions now show return types.
* Update script function
-- UI.Dialog.SetColor(int id, int color) to UI.Dialog.SetColor(int id, Color color)
-- UI.Dialog.SetColors(int id, int topLeft, int topRight, int bottomLeft, int bottomRight) to UI.Dialog.SetColor(int id, Color topLeft, Color topRight, Color bottomLeft, Color bottomRight)

Interface Combo box object

* Added functions (GetVisible, SetVisible, GetEnable, SetEnable)
* Functions now show return types.
* Fixed text wrapping bug.

Interface Listbox object

* Added functions (GetVisible, SetVisible, GetEnable, SetEnable)
* Functions now show return types.
* Fix problem with text wraping to next line.

Interface Radio Button object

* Added functions (GetVisible, SetVisible, GetEnable, SetEnable)
* Functions now show return types.
* Script editor now saves the hotkey.

Interface Textbox object

* Added functions (GetVisible, SetVisible, GetEnable, SetEnable)
* Functions now show return types.
* Fixed display problem with the selection box.
* Added new function SetAllowedKeys.
* Added new properties. (AllowLetter, AllowNumber, AllowSymbol, AllowPeriod, AllowSpace, Changed Key Up, Key Down, Key Press)
* Fixed bug making text break to next line.
* Fixed bugs in alignment.

Interface Checkbox object

* Added functions (GetVisible, SetVisible, GetEnable, SetEnable)
* Functions now show return types.

Interface label object

* Added functions (GetVisible, SetVisible, GetEnable, SetEnable, WrapText)
* Functions now show return types.
* Added Events (Hot Key Up, Hot Key Down)
* Added wrap text property.
* No longer wraps text by default.

Interface picture object

* Added functions (GetVisible, SetVisible, GetEnable, SetEnable)
* Functions now show return types.
* Added Events (Hot Key Up, Hot Key Down)

Interface slider object

* Fixed alignment properties.
* Added functions (ValueForward, ValueBackward, GetVisible, GetEnable, SetEnable)
* Functions now show return types.
* Fixed bug in key events.
* Added Property Allow Mouse Wheel

Update/Fixed Project Template

* Music Player
* Full Interface
* 3D Front Settings
* 2D Platform
* Simple Interface
* Card Matching
* Maze
* Hunger Man
* RPG (Real-Time)
* RPG (Turn Based)

2.1.26 (8/20/2015)

- Added support to the music system for .avi, .asf, .wma, .wmv, .wm, .mid, .rmi, .m1v, .mp2, .mpa, .mpe, .m3u, .aac, .adt, .adts, and .wav file types.
- Updated the Music Player project template (1.2) to support new audio file types.
- Updated IntelliSense to shows return type on newer classes.
- Add more functions to the color class.
- Added Scripting_UnregisterClass
- Added Sound.ListAll().
- Updated music system.
- Fixed bug in visual editor when selecting the slider control.
- Visual designer now saves the slider value.
- Fixed index bug in listbox mouse up event.
- Create template now saves to the right path.
- Updated the way the editor writes and reads Window_Resize function. (Less script)
- Fixed problem with visual designer not realigning objects after the dialog is resized.
- Cleaned up UI slider properties.
- Ribbon.dll is no longer required to run the engine.
- Music Player 1.1 project template has been added by default.

2.1.19 (8/12/2015)

Script Commands
- Removed [UI.ARGB] "Was replaced. with Color.ToInt(Color.FromARGB(255,255,255,255)) or Color.ToInt(Color.FromName('Red'))".
- Added [Color class], [UI.Dialog.Clear], [UI.Dialog.GetColor], and [Window class].

- Improved IntelliSense.

2.1.06 (6/28/2015)

- Fixed: bug in text selection making it select the wrong text.

2.1.05 (6/25/2015)

- Fixed: bug in music system that was dead locking.
- Add window border style to project properties.
- Fixed: bug in UI(user interface) that was allowing dialog that were disabled or invisible to be clicked.
- Updated total language term count.

2.0.97 (4/2/2015)

- Added auto text tabbing.
- Added in file object definition lookup.
- Fixed bug in comment system that was removing text.

2.0.96 (1/26/2015)

- Fixed: Issues on 2D maps when deleting tiles off the map was throwing an error if selection box wasn't in bounds.

2.0.92 (1/19/2015)

- Fixed problem that was preventing a new 2D map from being added when a visual script file is open.
- Added alternative default movement keys. (Up, Down, Left, Right arrows).
- Updated script to handle primary and alternative movement keys.
- Fixed: Cant write error log when VRS document folder doesn't exist. Now writes to root of documents folder.
- Fixed: Cant write language file when VRS doc folder doesn't exist. Now displays reinstall message. Program wasn't installed.
- Multi-line strings now color when switching to code mode.
- Updated update notes to handle other line break methods.
- Fixed problem with application settings not saving.
- Added line number toggle to application settings for the script editor.
- Added color text toggle to application settings for the script editor.
- Fixed problem with installer not getting signed.

2.0.76 (12/10/2014)

- Updated trial on close event to direct to thank you page.
- Updated editor to not auto resize the window when not maximized.
- Removed broken language link on the application settings form.

2.0.72 (11/27/2014)

- Updated script editor text coloring to be active while typing.
- Updated script editor to color text when quick commands are added.
- Added [Select All] to the script editor context menu options.
- Added [Delete] to the script editor context menu options.
- Added [for,while,do] to the script editor keywords enabling them to highlight.

2.0.68 (11/15/2014)

- 3D Memory quad cells can now be changed.
- 3D Memory now adjusts the quad cell size if a object is out of bounds.
- 3D Memory can now handle negative object locations.
- Added property descriptions for 3D map properties.
- New 3D maps now start at location(0,0,0)
- Added lost serial button to the activation form.
- Added Timer quick commands add, and remove (Quick Commands->Engine->Timer)

2.0.65 (11/4/2014)

- Added update notes (Settings->Project->Engine).
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