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1.5.921 (1/2/2017)

- Updated font handler.

1.5.911 (1/31/2016)

- Updated core engine to run as admin so Lua IO can be saved on Windows 10.

1.5.902 (1/20/2016)

- Updated error handler.

1.5.9 (1/18/2016)

- Fixed bug in next level screen that at end of game that was auto entering the players name when in Xbox 360 controller mode.
- Rebuilt main game loop for faster rending.
- Added Level 10.

1.5.6 (1/12/2016)

- Updated error handler.
- Update controller mode so the mouse can also to be used.
- Updated end-game to show why the player died.

1.5.3 (1/5/2016)

- Fixed problem with new game not starting with the Xbox 360 controller right, and was rendering the clock broke after the first game.
- Updated game over screen to now allow the Xbox 360 'A' button to be used.
- Pause menu now supports the controller.
- Added big count down timer text for the last 15 seconds.
- Updated core engine.

1.4.8 (12/28/2015)

- Updated graphics.
- Fixed problem with hunger power ups not always collecting.
- Fixed (Try 2) random 'Intro.vlua' script errors.

1.4.6 (12/26/2015)

- Fixed issue with font not getting installed.
- Fixed random 'Intro.vlua' script errors.
- Mid-level screen now sets the next level button/text center screen.
- In game dark / light cover now stretches to screen size.

1.4.3 (12/21/2015)

- Updated intro screen text "Power by" to "Powered by".
- Added LastEnd logo to main menu.
- Adjusted the version number on main menu.
- In game Scoreboard longer name now display right.
- In game scoreboard no longer list more scores then it can display.
- Enter button now works on game over screen to enter the name.
- Added (Top 100 Players) button to main menu.
- Fixed bug on end level screen that would sometimes count down forever.
- Updated offline mode to be more friendly.
- Updated clock to MM:SS format.
- Added pause feature.
- Updated free lives to show as 5 images the +# text.
- Fixed bug where player would get cheated out of lives.

1.4.2 (6/17/2015)

- Scoreboard now allow 100 places. (Was 20 before)
- Scoreboard now allows longer names. (Up to 16 characters)

1.4.1 (1/16/2014)

- Fixed problem with installer/patch not getting signed right.
- Added update notes.
- Redirected close event to the thank you page.
- Added Xbox 360 controller support.
- Fixed problem crashing game when space bar was pressed.
- Error log now write to the document root folder.
- Fixed problem breaking the scoreboard name to next line.
Visual RPG StudioThis game was created with LastEnd Visual RPG Studio game engine, make your own arcade style game.
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