LastEnd EntertainmentBlackjack
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Shareware. $14.95
3.7.05 (1/5/2017)

- Updated sounds error handler.

3.7.04 (1/2/2017)

- Updated font handler.

3.7 (11/29/2016)

- Added members system to online mode.
- Added offline mode.

3.5.06 (11/18/2016)

- Updated activation screen title logo.

3.5.03 (8/16/2016)

- Updated core engine.

3.5.01 (3/14/2016)

- Updated rules screen.
* Text scales to screen size.
* Added more detail on what the house rules are.
* Back button is larger.
- Updated deck count option from 5 to 9.
- Added split feature.
- Fixed bug that wasn't making all cards the same size.
- Updated (Increased) payout on when blackjack is hit to 3 to 2 winnings.
- Updated message system to allow more time to see the message.

3.4 (3/5/2016)

- Fixed STA error when pasting activation code.
- Updated the error handler.
- Updated core engine.
- Updated card graphics.
- Updated cards to scale with the size of the game window.
- Updated bet controls to move with scaling.
- Updated game play buttons by making them larger.
- Remove full screen event from maximize.
- Add full screen toggle button.
- Updated full screen mode to use current desktop size.
- Remove win sound effect.
- Change card back graphics.
- Scoreboard is now hidden by default.
- Updated the cash out dialog to allow the enter key to submit the name.
- Settings Screen
* Updated buttons by making them larger.
* Updated card image selection style. The images are more like the language screen style now
* Updated decks count selection.

3.3.8 (2/13/2016)

- Updated core engine to save setting right on Windows 10.

3.3.6 (12/23/2015)

* Fixed grammar on activation screen. "Uses to Use"
* Fixed bug on activation screen that wasn't letting the keyboard be used on textboxes.
* Updated core engine.

3.3.4 (12/13/2015)

- Fixed bug on activation screen that was pasting in invalid character at the end of the serial number.
- Updated core engine.
- Added remember to buy popups.

3.3.1 (11/23/2015)

- Added German language.
- Added French language.
- Updated title/logo.
- Fixed bug on settings screen after the window was resized.
- Fixed bug when maximizing with the window title bar.

3.2.1 (10/11/2015)

- Added new card type.
- Fixed minor bug on hit button.

Cash-out Screen
- Fixed bug on when using the arrow keys.
- Change the color of dialog.
- Score board now centers on screen when it is resize.
- Score board now shows name as it is typed in.

3.1.1 (10/7/2015)

- Fixed bug: font not found problem.
- Game window can now be resized.
- Maximize button switches to full screen.
- Removed old full screen button.
- Added Window button.
- Added show/hide scoreboard button.
- Updated core engine.

3.0 (3/25/2015)

- Added more card image settings (3 more Options).
- Added deck count setting (1-5).
- Paid users now start new games with $400.
- Added settings screen.
- Added always bet max on new game settings.
- Added card image setting (2 Options)
- Fixed bug on rule screen keeping it from resizing right.

2.9.79 (3/21/2015)

- Paid users now start new games with $300.
- Updated cash out dialog to handle longer names up to 16 characters. (Was 10 characters max)
- Added online scoreboard snippet to cash out dialog.

2.9.77 (1/18/2015)

- Fixed problem with update notes not displaying right.
- Fixed problem with installer not getting signed right.
- Fixed the buy button on the activation screen to direct to the right cart item.

2.9.72 (12/5/2014)

- Change playable demo exit link to thank you page.
- Changed [View All] on cash out dialog to direct to a stand alone scoreboard.
- Playable demo users new games starts with $50.
- Added playable demo text.
- Paid users now start new games with $200.
- Change the LastEnd button to a water mark.
- Changed [View All] button to direct to a stand alone scoreboard.

2.9.68 (11/4/2014)

- Added update notes.
Visual RPG StudioThis game was created with LastEnd Visual RPG Studio game engine, make your own card game.
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