LastEnd EntertainmentBlackjack
Size: 10.68 MB
Shareware. $14.95
High Scores
1.PrincessPenelope PrincessPenelope12/17/2016 3:18:08 PM$6061
2.Eric Eric11/29/2016 6:59:26 PM$3200
3.PrincessPenelope PrincessPenelope12/17/2016 3:11:07 PM$2400
4.Eric Eric11/29/2016 6:48:18 PM$1600
5.Eric Eric11/29/2016 8:32:47 PM$1400
6.Eric Eric11/29/2016 8:26:49 PM$1200
7.Eric Eric11/29/2016 8:28:59 PM$1000
8.Eric Eric11/29/2016 10:05:36 PM$997
9.Eric Eric11/29/2016 10:05:15 PM$804
10.Eric Eric11/29/2016 10:08:21 PM$803
11.Eric Eric11/29/2016 6:47:41 PM$800
12.Eric Eric11/29/2016 9:56:16 PM$798
13.Eric Eric11/29/2016 8:30:38 PM$700
14.Eric Eric11/29/2016 8:27:35 PM$600
15.Eric Eric11/27/2016 4:42:46 PM$404
16.Eric Eric11/29/2016 8:33:25 PM$402
17.Eric Eric11/29/2016 10:06:31 PM$401
18.Eric Eric11/22/2016 6:15:51 PM$400
19.Eric Eric11/29/2016 8:28:11 PM$399
20.Eric Eric11/29/2016 10:07:34 PM$395
21.Eric Eric11/29/2016 10:09:30 PM$352
22.Eric Eric11/29/2016 8:30:09 PM$300
23.Andreas Andreas1/2/2018 4:20:14 PM$50
24.Eric Eric11/29/2016 10:09:02 PM$1
Visual RPG StudioThis game was created with LastEnd Visual RPG Studio game engine, make your own card game.
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